Ultrasound Probe Cover

Nulatex probe covers are manufactured from the highest quality natural rubber latex. Complies with quality standards e.g. ISO 4074. Suitable for use on probe of Ultrasound Imaging System. 

probe covers ultrasound

Product Description


Shape and Surface

Straight-walled, round-ended and with smooth surface (similar to condom but without the reservoir end)


Our Ultrasound Probe Cover

probe covers ultrasound

Nulatex Probe Cover (Non-sterile)

probe covers ultrasound

Nulatex Probe Cover Bulk Pack (Non-sterile)

Frequently Asked Questions

An ultrasound probe cover is a specialized cover designed to fit over the ultrasound probe, protecting it from damage and contamination while ensuring optimal performance during medical imaging procedures. 

Nulatex probe covers are made from high-quality natural rubber latex, ensuring reliability and compliance with quality standards. 

Yes, these probe covers are specifically designed for use on the probe of Ultrasound Imaging Systems, making them ideal for medical imaging procedures. 

Nulatex probe covers are straight-walled, round-ended, and have a smooth surface, similar to condoms but without the reservoir end, catering to the specific requirements of medical imaging equipment. 

Yes, Nulatex probe covers comply with quality standards such as ISO 4074, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria for medical use. 

The key features include their high-quality natural rubber latex construction, straight-walled design, round-ended shape, and smooth surface, all tailored to enhance the effectiveness and safety of ultrasound imaging procedures. 

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