Frequently Asked Questions


At Nulatex, we offer regular smooth condoms as well as condoms with different textures, shapes, colours, flavours and fragrance for added sensation and pleasure.

Our condoms are vegan friendly as they do not have any materials of animal origin.

Condoms are classified as medical devices and most countries have imposed regulatory requirements that importers have to comply. For example, importers may need to obtain a permit or license from their national authority for importation of condoms. In certain countries, third party product testing by an independent laboratory is required before shipment.

Yes, we can customize the artwork. However there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to be followed.

“Gross” is the term commonly used to quantify condoms. 1 Gross is equivalent to 144 pieces.

Quality Assurance

Nulatex Condom Malaysia  has been accredited with internationally recognized ISO certifications, i.e. ISO 13485. In addition, we have other Certifications such as CE (Directive 93/42/EEC), USFDA 510(K), CFDA and SABS.

All our condoms are tested in house in accordance to the requirements of ISO 4074. Every piece of condom produced by Nulatex is electronically tested for pin holes. Samples of the accepted condoms are further tested for bursting volume and pressure using Air Inflation Testing Machine and for pin holes by Electrolyte Water Test machines. Only condoms that have passed these tests and meeting the required Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) are selected for foiling and packaging. Pre-shipment test are also carried out after the condoms are packed before delivery to customers.

Bursting volume and pressure Freedom from hole Visible defects Package integrity (seal integrity) Lubrication Dimensions such as length, width and thickness

If required, independent third party Pre-Shipment Test can be arranged. An agent appointed by the independent lab will draw samples from our factory to conduct test at their lab. The test results will be reported by the independent lab with the issuance of a Third Party Test Report. Cost of such test is borne by customer.

For every delivery, Nulatex issues a Certificate of Analysis stating the test results of our in house pre-shipment test.

Distribution Partners

We welcome your inquiry. We are seeking suitable partners to expand our global distribution channel. Please contact us with detailed information regarding your company, such as a description of the nature of your business, your intended market, etc. which can help us in our evaluation.

We have exported our products to 60 countries worldwide.

We required a minimum lead time of 60 days for our house brand condoms. The required quantity per order is 3,000 gross with a minimum of 300 gross per item (SKU).

OEM Condoms

Yes, we supply OEM condoms or condoms in your own label. Select your preferred condoms from the condom varieties and condom options we offer, select your packaging preference from our packaging options such as foil and box designs, etc., and we will do the rest.

We have a wide variety of condoms for you to choose from. Namely, smooth, ribbed, studded, anatomic, 3-in-1, ultra thin and extra strong. You also have the option of adding colour or flavour to the selected condoms.

We are equipped with packaging facilities that provide us with the flexibility of packing our condoms in a variety of boxes. Please refer to our packaging options available and make your selection.

Our MOQ for OEM private label condoms is 1 x 20ft container (approximately 7680gross) depending on the packaging required.

If your question isn’t answered in this section, please email us and
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